XML in a Nutshell

xml nutshellXML in a Nutshell by Elliotte Rusty Harold and W. Scott Means (O’Reilly)

Another outstanding book!!! I read tons of technical books each year, but I have to admit that I truly enjoy my O’Reilly books the best. Don’t get me wrong, there are books by other authors that I enjoy and would recommend, but O’Reilly is still at the top of my list. TheXML book is always by my side when I am doing web development. Even though I have become fairly knowledgeable regarding XML/XSL, I still find times when I have to consult the O’Reilly book. The Character Sets Chapter in the back of the book is ‘awesome’!!! Prior to having this book, I spent way too much time tracking down specific character set information for doing web development. Also, including the XSLT reference section was a smart idea and has been a trusted reference. One small item that I would suggest is to include just a few more examples throughout the book – but this is a small item, since there are many good examples in the book already, coupled with the fact that there are many additional sections that have been included in the book that are associated with XML that do not exist in many of the other XML books available by other authors. In summary, this is a good book for both beginners and advanced XML developers. Keep up the good work O’Reilly!!!!!