Pragmatic Version Control: Using CVS

Pragmatic CVSPragmatic Version Control: Using CVS by Dave Thomas & Andy Hunt (Pragmatic Programmer)

Pragmatic Version Control: Using CVS is a handy getting-started guide for an important element of software development. The book briefly describes the purpose of version control before going on to an examination of how to go about doing it, describing not just the commands and options but how to get started actually doing it. Thomas and Hunt then go deeper, talking about researching change histories and how to handle branches and tags. The book would be helpful for those who are either new to version control in general or CVSin particular. It does have a command and option reference in the back, but advanced users of CVS will probably be familiar with the material covered. I think the book does a good job of sticking to its purpose. It is clearly written with helpful, hands-on examples. The writing style is easy to read.