Microsoft .Net and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit

.Net Interop coverMicrosoft .Net and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit by Simon Guest, (Microsoft Press)

Most Java developers at first glance will probably be a little leery of a book of interoperability of J2EE and .NET from Microsoft. However, they will be pleasantly surprised that a great effort was undertaken to be objective as possible. This book would be a great help to anyone that needs to get J2EE and .NET to work together. My only disappointment is that I would have liked less of the ‘cookbook’ style and more of the hows and whys of different approaches. On the Java side there is a heavy use of third party tools used for interoperability examples. For me this was a small disappointment but I commend the author on in going into detail for this decision. With the book comes a CD with the expected source code and tools demonstrated in the book. One especially nice feature is an electronic version of the book in PDF format. Overall, I would recommend this book for anyone that needs to work with .NET and J2EE. Expect more of technical how to than a list of best practices.