By Subject

Android  Android logo

Android by Frank Zammetti 

Getting Started With Android Wear by Travis Himes

Clojure logo

Clojure and the Robot Apocalypse by Scott Fraser


Building Cloud-Ready Systems Using Spring Technology by Oleg Zhurakousky

Scaling the Cloud by Kirk Spadt

PaaS For Java Developers by Sacha Labourey


Storm: Real-Time Distributed Computation (better than Hadoop) by Brian O’Neill

Big Data Quadfecta by Brian O’Neill

Dempsy by Jim Carroll

Hadoop + Mahout by Anton Slutsky


Migrating From Struts to JSF by Kito Mann

Play Framework by Brian Clapper

Struts by Tom Janofsky

Succeeding with Spring Boot by Prem Chandrasekaran

General Programming/Tech

Agile Model-Driven Development with Pragmatic MDA by Jon Kern

AspectJ by Tom Janofsky

Eric Raymond ‘ESR’ Ask Me Anything

Functional Concepts in Java by Prem Chandrasekaran

Hiring Roundtable by our panel

Mechanical Sympathy by Jim Carroll

Monitoring Software Quality With Continuous Integration by Andrew Glover

The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford

The State of AOP by Ramnivas Laddad

Using Code Metrics for Targeted Code Refactoring by Andrew Glover


Groovy and Grails by Sonny To

Groovy and Grails Overview by Bob Rodini

Java logo

Building a Source Code Mining Tool Using Java and Solr by Gary Sieling

Character Sets, Encodings, and Other Headaches by Brian Clapper

Coding Standards for Java by Bill Rushmore

Dealing with OutOfMemoryErrors with Tools from the JDK by Kelly Campbell

         Direct Web Remoting by Frank Zammetti

Effective Concurrent Java by Brian Goetz

Intro to OSGi by Oleg Zhurakousky

Java for Linux and Java EE by Harry Foxwell

Java Reference Objects by Keith Gregory

Jini: What it is, How we use it, and Where it’s Going by Michael Ogg

OOMs and JVM Memory by Matt Schuetze

The Java Native Interface (JNI) API by Steve Gaul

VoIP and the JAIN SIP API by Brian O’Neill

WTF is [; A Deep Dive into the Shallow End of the JVM by Keith Gregory


Changes in EJB 2.0 by Patrick Innmon

EJB3/Spring/Hibernate Comparison by Reza Rahman

EJB3 and Hibernate 3 by Shaun Connolly

EJB and JDO by Patrick Linskey

Java SE

Java SE7 Preview by Kirk Spadt

XML and the Java JAXP API” by Dr. John Lewis

Sun Roadshow J2SE 5.0: Roar of the Tiger by Sang Shin

What’s New in J2SE 1.4 by Kirk Spadt

Java EE logo Java EE

2010: An Acronym Odyssey by Brian O’Neill

Adapting and Extending OOAD with UML for Rapid J2EE Analysis and Design by Jeff Egglestone

Coordinated Web Controllers: A Reusable Asset by Jim Conallen

Dynamic Java (Classes Without Code) by Aaron Mulder

Effective Unit Testing for Java EE by Rob DiMarco

Java EE6 Community Update by Reza Rahman

Open Source Tools for J2EE Development by Aaron Mulder and Erin Mulder

The NAVgator: Developing a Multi-Channel Enterprise Application using J2EE and XML by Kevin McDonald

Using OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to Build J2EE Applications by Tom Shore

Using the UML, FDD (Feature Driven Development), and J2EE to build better applications faster by Lee Faus

What’s New in J2EE 1.4 by Erin Mulder

Writing Portable Applications in J2EE by Pete Heist


EJB and JDO by Patrick Linskey

The JDO Specification by Patrick Linskey


JavaServer Faces by David Geary

Migrating from Struts to JSF by Kito Mann

jsp logo

Developing JSP Custom Tags by Chad Darby

Generating Images and PDF Documents with Servlets, JSP, and XML by Chad Darby


Practical JRuby by Rob Di Marco


Boost Your Hibernate and Application Performance by Greg Luck

Clustering the JVM by Ari Zilka

Developing High Performance Web Services Using Apache Axis by Ted O’Connor

Distributed Caching by Cameron Purdy

Improving Performance for Your J2EE Apps by Bob Pasker

Java Performance by Vic Bahl

Java Performance Monitoring by Paul Jasek


Functional Wrappers for Legacy API’s by Martin Snyder

Play Framework by Brian Clapper

Scala for JARheads by Brian Clapper and Mark Chadwick

xkcd security comic  Security

Intro to Apache Shiro by Les Hazlewood

Protecting Java Code by Mike Dulaney

Secure Java Programming by Scott Fraser

URL Re-writing for the Next Generation Web User by Lincoln Baxter III


Are You Covered by Keith Gregory

Byte Buffers and Off-Heap Memory by Keith Gregory

Case Study about a Financial Trading System using JMS, LDAP, and message-oriented middleware by Yakov Fain

Go by Paddy Foran

Injecting Life into Web Applications with AJAX by Steve Benfield

Java Application Deployment by Frederic Jambukeswaran

Next Generation Maven Development Stack by Jason van Zyl

RSS, Atom, APP, and All That: a Course for Developers by Elliotte Rusty Harold

Taming Maven by Keith Gregory

The JavaCC Parser Generator by Wade Wells

WSO2 Identity Server and contributing back to an Open Source Project by Michael Geiser

Vendor Meetings

Build a Store Locator App in 40 Minutes with HTML5, PhoneGap, and an API-Based Back-End by Tim Anglade

How To Stop Waiting for Build/Deploy and Enjoy Coding Again by Zero Turnaround

Mapping the Architecture of Applications, Frameworks, and Databases with a Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) by Neeraj Sangal

Oracle’s Java Roadtrip Coast to Coast Tour

Professional Open Source and the Future of JBoss by Marc Fleury and Gavin King

Spring by Rod Johnson

Sun Roadshow (Glassfish and Peabody) by Rima Patel

Sun Roadshow J2SE 5.0: Roar of the Tiger by Sang Shin

Web Services or SOA

Building REST and SOAP Web Services Servers and Clients by Chris Hyzer

Developing High Performance Web Services Using Apache Axis by Ted O’Connor

Service Component Architecture by Greg Pavlik

Space-Based Architecture and the End of Tier-Based Computing by Dennis Reedy

To ESB…or Not To ESB by Ross Mason