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Clapper, Brian

BMC cartoon

10/02/12: “Play Framework”
12/02/09: “Character Sets, Encodings, Java and Other Headaches”
04/21/09: “Scala for JarHeads” (with Mark Chadwick)

Gregory, Keith


03/26/14:WTF is [; A Deep Dive into the Shallow End of the JVM
11/14/12: “Taming Maven”
11/09/10: Byte Buffers and Off-Heap Memory
10/14/09: “Are You Covered”
12/12/07: “Java Reference Objects”

O’Neill, Brian


04/27/16: “Real Time Analytics with Spark”
05/20/14: “Storm: Real-Time Distributed Computation (better than Hadoop)”
05/21/13:  “Big Data Quadfecta”
02/26/08: “2010: An Acronym Odyssey”
04/25/06: “VoIP and the JAIN SIP API”

Spadt, Kirk

Spadt pic

10/25/11: “Java SE7 Preview”
01/26/10: “Scaling the Cloud”
04/30/02: “What’s New in Java 2 Standard Edition Version 1.4” 

 Repeat Offenders Club

(2 presentations)

Carroll, Jim

06/12/13:  “Mechanical Sympathy”
05/22/12:  “Dempsy”

Chandrasekaran, Premanand

11/3/2015: “Succeeding with Spring Boot”
01/29/14:Functional Concepts in Java

Darby, Chad

Chad09/28/00: “Developing JSP Custom Tags”
11/07/01: “Generating Images and PDF Documents with Servlets, JSP, and XML”

DiMarco, Rob

10/23/07: “Practical JRuby”
12/11/06: “Effective Unit Testing for Java EE”

Fraser, Scott

Fraser06/03/09: “Clojure and the Robot Apocalypse”
11/14/07:   “Secure Java Programming”

Glover, Andrew

Glover03/26/08: “Monitoring Software Quality With Continuous Integration”
02/09/05: “Using Code Metrics for Targeted Code Refactoring”

Himes, Travis

11/18/15:Getting Started With Android Wear
11/9/14: “RxJava”

Janofsky, Tom

05/27/03: “AspectJ”
08/22/01: “The Struts Framework”

Mulder, Aaron

05/21/02: “Dynamic Java (Classes Without Code)”
11/25/03: “Open Source Tools for J2EE Development” (with Erin Mulder)

Mulder, Erin

10/30/02: “What’s New in J2EE 1.4? (Web services and more)”
11/25/03: “Open Source Tools for J2EE Development” by (with Aaron Mulder)

Rahman, Reza

Reza09/30/08: “Java EE 6 Community Update”
09/26/07: “EJB3/Spring/Hibernate Comparison

Zammetti, Frank

FZ pic12/13/11: “Android: Rise of the Machines!”
03/25/09: “Direct Web Remoting”

Zhurakousky, Oleg

Oleg04/19/11: “Building Cloud-Ready Systems Using Spring Technologies”
10/14/08: “OSGi introduction”

Founders Club

(Founder of a product/company)

Fleury, Marc (JBoss) 05/10/04: “Professional Open Source and the Future of JBoss”

Johnson, Rod (Spring) 05/28/10: Rod Johnson’s Spring talk

King, Gavin (Hibernate) 05/10/04: “Professional Open Source and the Future of JBoss”

Labourey, Sacha (Cloudbees) 4/17/13  “PaaS for Java Developers”

Linskey, Patrick  (SolarMetric) 10/20/04: “EJB and JDO” and 03/25/03: “The Java Data Objects (JDO) Specification”

Luck, Greg (Ehcache) 03/03/10: “Boost Your Hibernate and Application Performance”

Mason, Ross (MuleSoft) 06/22/11: “To ESB or not to ESB…”

Pasker, Bob (WebLogic) 03/22/06: “Improving Performance for J2EE Apps”

Purdy, Cameron (Tangosol) 04/11/07: “Distributed Caching”

van Zyl, Jason (Maven) 04/06/10: “Next Generation Maven Development Stack”

Zilka, Ari (Terracotta)  09/19/06: “Clustering the JVM”

Just Once (so far) Club

Anglade, Tim  04/23/13:  “Build a Store Locator App with HTML5, PhoneGap, and an API-Based Back-End”

Bahl, Vic 06/27/01: “Java Performance”

Baxter, Lincoln 03/27/12: “URL Re-writing for the Next-Generation Web User”

Benfield, Steve 12/13/05: “Injecting Life into Web Applications with AJAX”

Campbell, Kelly 02/21/07: “Dealing with OutOfMemoryErrors with Tools from the JDK”

Conallen, Jim 09/24/02: “Coordinated Web Controllers: A Reusable Asset”

Connolly, Shaun 05/31/05: “EJB 3.0 and Hibernate 3”

Dulaney, Mike 11/04/09: “Protecting Java Code”

Egglestone, Jeff 07/21/01: “Adapting and Extending OOAD with UML for Rapid J2EE Analysis and Design”

Fain, Yakov 10/25/05: “Case Study about a Financial Trading System using JMS, LDAP, and message-oriented middleware”

Faus, Lee 05/09/01: “Using the UML, FDD (Feature Driven Development), and J2EE to build better applications faster”

Foran, Paddy 02/19/14: “Go”

Ford, Neal 07/16/08: “The Productive Programmer”

Foxwell, Harry 05/31/00: “Java for Linux and Java EE”

Gabhart, Kyle 05/15/07: “Building a Better More Process-Centric Life Through BPM”

Gaul, Steve 08/08/00: “The Java Native Interface (JNI) API”

Geary, David 01/19/04: “JavaServer Faces”

Geiser, Michael 06/24/15: “WSO2 Identity Server and Contributing Back to an Open Source Project”

Goetz, Brian 06/26/07: “Effective Concurrent Java”

Harold, Elliotte Rusty 06/06/06: “RSS, Atom, APP, and All That: a Course for Developers”

Hazlewood, Les 06/26/12: “Intro to Apache Shiro”

Heist, Pete 02/26/02: “Writing Portable Applications for J2EE”

Hyzer, Chris 02/17/09: “Building REST and SOAP Web Services Servers and Clients”

Innmon, Patrick 11/14/00: “Changes in EJB 2.0”

Jambukeswaran, Frederic 11/12/14: “Java Application Deployment”

Jasek, Paul 02/29/12: “Java Performance Monitoring”

Kern, Jon 11/15/05: “Agile Model-Driven Development with Pragmatic MDA”

Knopp, Michael 12/08/10: “Defining, Implementing, and Maintaining a Java Framework for Pen-Based Computing and the LiveScribe Platform”

Laddad, Ramnivas 10/11/06: “The State of AOP”

Lewis, Dr. John 04/26/00: “XML and the Java JAXP API”

Mann, Kito 07/19/05: “Migrating from Struts to JSF”

McCallister, Brian 03/03/04: “Using Apache OJB (to Get Beer) – Object persistence from the client (Beer Truck Example)”

McDonald, Kevin 02/12/01: “The NAVgator: Developing a Multi-Channel Enterprise Application using J2EE and XML”

O’Connor, Ted 08/18/04: “Developing High Performance Web Services using Apache Axis”

Ogg, Michael 12/12/01: “Jini: What it is, How we use it, and Where it’s Going”

Patel, Rima 10/04/05: “Sun Microsystems Roadshow (Glassfish and Peabody)”

Pavlik, Greg 03/27/07: “Service Component Architecture”

Raymond, Eric S. (ESR) 04/18/12: “Ask Me Anything”

Reedy, Dennis 02/02/06: “Space-Based Architecture and the End of Tier-Based Computing”

Risberg, Thomas 03/03/04: “Using Apache OJB (to Get Beer) – Object persistence from the client (Beer Truck Example)”

Rodini, Bob 02/23/11: “Groovy & Grails”

Rushmore, Bill 02/24/04: “Coding Standards for Java”

Sangal, Neeraj 04/29/08: “Mapping the Architecture of Applications, Frameworks, and Databases with a Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM)”

Schuetze, Matt 04/14/14 “OOMs and JVM Memory”

Shin, Sang 12/14/04: “Sun Roadshow – J2SE 5.0 Update: The Roar of the Tiger”

Shore, Tom 06/18/02: “Using OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to Build J2EE Applications”

Sieling, Gary 10/30/13:  “Building a Source Code Mining Tool Using Java and Solr”

Slutsky, Anton  03/19/13: “Hadoop + Mahout”

Snyder, Martin 09/25/13: “Functional Wrappers for Legacy API’s”

To, Sonny 06/24/08: “Groovy and Grails”

Wells, Wade 06/28/00: “The JavaCC Parser Generator”