Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests

Java testing and designJava Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests by Frank Cohen, Prentice Hall

Java Testing covers a very broad cross-section of testing web-based applications including public Web sites, SOAP, XML Web Services, .NET, intranets and secure web applications. A strong case is made for automation of testing where-ever possible. This includes the developer controlled unit level testing on up to the QA team controlled production acceptance testing. The author points out the benefits of modeling the system?s anticipated user types and building the test cases around how each user type would likely use the system.

Mr. Cohen outlines the various testing methods and how each method contributes to the overall testing of the system and why each method can not stand alone as being wholly sufficient.

As I am not a software tester myself, I found this book very helpful in gaining a better appreciation of formal testing.