Enhance Your Career by Stealing Microsoft’s Code by Brian Benz

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ABSTRACT: Enhance Your Career by Stealing Microsoft’s Code

In this session we’ll highlight Microsoft’s open source offerings for Azure, and talk about how Java developers could benefit from using Azure services in their applications. The focus will be on real-world examples using Microsoft’s open source SDKs on GitHub and tools available for non-Microsoft developers, with a drill-down into our Java offerings and how they can enhance Java applications. We also want to gather feedback from attendees on some exciting new offerings designed to make it easier to deliver Java in the cloud.

SPEAKER BIO:  Brian Benz – Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Brian BenzBrian is a Senior Program Manager, focusing on Java at Microsoft. These days Brian spends his time helping Java developers and customers recognize the value and benefits of working on the Cloud with Microsoft Azure. Brian is a former Philly area resident and used to attend Philly JUG many years ago.


MEETING SLIDES:  Java On Azure slides (PDF)

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