Succeeding With Spring Boot by Prem Chandrasekaran

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ABSTRACT: Succeeding With Spring Boot

Spring Framework based applications are almost a de facto standard in the Java world. However, the ecosystem is anything but simple with a large number of choices that need to be made when bootstrapping a new application. Spring Boot is one of the latest entrants to the Spring universe that makes it easy to build stand-alone, robust Spring applications with production-grade features such as metrics, health checks and externalized configuration. Used judiciously, this can enable rapid development. On the flip-side, it may also result in a lot of bloat getting introduced inadvertently, which may result in nasty surprises at the most inopportune times. This presentation summarizes our experiences building a suite of RESTful services based on Spring Boot.

SPEAKER BIO: Premanand (Prem) Chandrasekaran

Premanand (Prem) Chandrasekaran works as Group Lead for Platform Services at BarclayCard. Previously, he worked as a Technical Principal with ThoughtWorks, Inc. Over the last two decades, Prem has worked on a variety of software projects, spanning varied functional and technical domains. He is passionate about the application of iterative methods to deliver software that enriches the lives of its end users and its maintainers alike. His interests also include technical architecture, refactoring and performance tuning among others.

When not fiddling with his trusty laptop, he spends time with his son ripping beyblades and playing video games. He is also obsessed with playing and analyzing the nuances of the game of cricket.


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