RxJava by Travis Himes

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ABSTRACT: Reacting to RxJava – Why You Might Be Interested

Are you sick of threads? Have you ever found yourself up to your elbows in Semaphores and CountDownLatches? Have you caught your last InterruptedException? If you need to work with multiple threads, but would prefer to avoid the nitty gritty details of when it’s ok to proceed, RxJava may be relevant to your interests.

You might have heard of RxJava before, possibly in the context of work done by Netflix, or just reactive programming in general. Come to this talk if you’re interested in learning how it works, and how to use it in a practical setting. I’ll show how I use RxJava to make my life easier developing for Android as well as how you can use it in non-Android Java. I’ll share links to github repositories with all of my demonstration code too. We’ll cover the basics, how to learn more, or search for a specific operator, and then see some of them in action. I’ll explain why I like it on android, and also show you the networking library I like to use, and how the two fit together oh so nicely.

SPEAKER BIO:  Travis Himes 

HimesTravis Himes is a Senior Software Engineer specializing in Android at DramaFever with more than 10 years of experience, 3 years of which are building Android applications. Travis has given talks at the Philadelphia Android Alliance, as well as taught fellow developers the basics of Android development. Travis is a fan of keyboard shortcuts, and really anything that saves time in increases repeatability; his .bashrc file is a mile long and fraught with aliases and functions to speed his work, and save him from typing long commands over and over. He has many hobbies, and enjoys finding new ones all the time – if it involves learning something new, he’s likely to be involved.


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