OOMs and JVM Memory by Matt Schuetze

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ABSTRACT:  OOMs and JVM Memory

The March deep dive session exposed myths that Java is Slow! and Java Uses Too Much Memory! In this session we will take a deeper look at Java memory management. The dreaded Out of Memory (OOM) error is one problem. GC activity and spikes leading to long pauses is another. We will cover the foundations of garbage collection and why historically Java gets a bad rap, even though GC provides a marvelous memory management paradigm


SPEAKER BIO:  Matt Schuetze

SchuetzeMatt is the Director of Product Management at Azul Systems. He is responsible for managing requirements and charting product roadmaps for the Zing, Zing Platform Edition with WebSphere, and Zulu product families.

Matt worked through the ranks at software companies Compuware and Micro Focus, from staff developer, to team lead, to development manager, to product manager. Since joining Azul, he contributed heavily to the implementation of the Zulu Enterprise open source offering, including its global launch in January 2014.

MEETING SLIDES: Download Azul Slides (PDF)

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