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ABSTRACT:  Go for Java Developers


The members were dazzled by the bright blank screen

I want to share something I love with you: the Go programming language. I don’t expect you to drop Java for Go, nor do I wish to convince you that Go is better than Java. I just want to expose you to some new ideas that made me a better programmer. My hope is that you can pick up some new ways of thinking about your code, just as I did.

Failing that, I hope I can at least share something I’m passionate about with you. In this talk, we’re not going to do a regular introduction to Go, where we step through each and every feature. Instead, I’m going to explain the things you may need to wrap your head around, coming from Java; the things you may really enjoy, coming from Java; and the things you may find to be problematic, coming from Java. I want to give you a personalized introduction that will explain why you’d want to use Go, what you’d use it for, and why it might be difficult to get started with, all tailored to the background of the standard Java developer.

SPEAKER BIO:  Paddy Foran @paddyforan

Paddy is a software engineer working to make software hurt less. He loves Go, distributed systems, and service oriented architectures. Paddy is also silly, afraid of growing up, and unclear as to why people take him seriously. By day, he works as a software engineer at DramaFever. By night, he’s Batman. Probably.

MEETING SLIDES:  Slides available to view on Paddy’s site here

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