Hiring Roundtable – A panel discussion

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Job Tips For GEEKS: The Job Search

ABSTRACT:  Hiring Roundtable

This meeting was a first for Philly JUG. Instead of a single speaker presentation, we had a panel of local industry veterans and hiring managers speaking to our audience about resumes, interviews, keeping a marketable skill set, and effective job search techniques.

Topics discussed included:

  • Methods companies use to find talent
  • What makes a good resume
  • Interview formats (phone screens, whiteboards, pairing and coding exercises)
  • Types of questions asked in interviews
  • Value of degrees, certifications, online learning programs
  • Value of GitHub/coding samples and open source contributions


Jim Carroll (Nokia), Joe Campbell (Comcast, ING DIRECT), John Schaefer (ThingWorx), Keith Gregory (Chariot Solutions), Kyle Burton (Relay Network), Michael Geiser (eBay Enterprise), Tom Janofsky (Monetate)

Moderated by Dave Fecak


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