Functional Wrappers for Legacy API’s by Martin Snyder

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ABSTRACT:  Functional Wrappers for Legacy API’s

There are many challenges in introducing a new technology into an existing project or organization.  This presentation details an approach to introducing Scala into JDBC applications, but the lessons and techniques can be applied in a general sense to introducing functional programming into any non-functional project.  Specifically, a line-by-line construction is provided of a Scala wrapper for portions of JDBC.  The chosen example serves to highlight the mechanics, benefits and underlying principles of functional programming in such a way that they can be generally applied.

SPEAKER BIO:  Martin Snyder

SnyderMartin Snyder (@martinsnyder) is a Principal Technologist at Wingspan Technology, Inc.  He is responsible for the software product organization and is a Senior Architect for the DocWay Suite and eTMF products.  Previously, he was the founder of Ethermoon Entertainment, Inc, which published the RTS game Strifeshadow in 2001.  Martin earned a BS in Computer Science from Cornell Engineering.

MEETING SLIDES:  Video of the presentation can be found here.  Martin’s slides on GitHub here and the code on GitHub is here



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