Mechanical Sympathy by Jim Carroll

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ABSTRACT:  Mechanical Sympathy

“Mechanical Sympathy” is a phrase (as well as a blog) applied by Martin Thompson to how to write software that cooperates with the underlying CPU architecture.  We will discuss how to use “mechanical sympathy” to get high-performance multi-threading behavior in Java up to 100s of times greater than using traditional locking or by using the concurrency classes by using “lock-free” techniques that take into account how “memory barriers” effect performance.

Filtered for your protection

Filtered for your protection

SPEAKER BIO:  Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is a Navteq Fellow at Nokia, Location and Commerce. He is the Lead Architect for the Traffic Products and is currently the project lead for Dempsy, Nokia’s Stream-based Real-time Map-Reduce system that was just open sourced. Jim earned a Master’s Degree from Villanova University.


Mechanical Sympathy (updated PDF)

CODE SAMPLE: (zip file)

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