Big Data Quadfecta (Kafka, Elastic Search, Cassandra, Storm)

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ABSTRACT:  Big Data Quadfecta

A successful Big Data platform combines distributed processing and polyglot persistence into a single cohesive infrastructure. Over the past few years, Health Market Science has transitioned from traditional relational databases and enterprise systems to a massively scalable Big Data platform that combines Cassandra and Storm to ingest thousands of feeds of data from the health market industry to produce a single high-quality masterfile. Hear how we applied event processing and NoSQL to deliver real-time analytics, while accommodating structural change over time, and fuzzy/geospatial search.Oneill Quadfecta pic

SPEAKER BIO:  Brian O’Neill

ONEILLBrian O’Neill (@boneill42) is Lead Architect at Health Market Science (HMS) where he heads design and development of their Master Data Management (MDM) solution and Big Data platform that targets the Healthcare space, powered by Storm and Cassandra. He leads and contributes to multiple open-source projects that extend Cassandra and integrate it with full-text indexing engines and event processing frameworks. Brian is author of the Dzone reference card on Cassandra, and was selected as a Datastax MVP for Cassandra. In the past, Brian has contributed to expert groups within the JCP and has patents in artificial intelligence and context-based discovery. He holds a B.S. in C.S. from Brown University.

MEETING SLIDES:  On Slideshare or Quadfecta PDF

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3 thoughts on “Big Data Quadfecta (Kafka, Elastic Search, Cassandra, Storm)

  1. Great presentation by Brian and it was great to connect with so many old friends and colleagues. Thanks for organizing Dave. Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the next meeting!

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