Tim Anglade’s Build a Store Locator App in 40 Minutes with HTML5, PhoneGap, and an API-Based Back-End

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ABSTRACT:  Build a Store Locator App in 40 Minutes with HTML5, PhoneGap, and an API-Based Back-End

Building a mobile app is hard… Right? It doesn’t have to be! This hands on demo will walk you through the build of a full, app store-ready app in 40 minutes or less. Together we’ll code a store locator app from scratch, showing you the 5 stores closest to you, in fewer than 100 lines of code!pic

Join Tim Anglade for this walkthrough and walk away with the know how to create a full mobile app – ready for the app store in less than an hour.
There will be a handout with links to the free utilities used in the demo and a recording sent so you can do it yourself.

Tim will cover:
·         Building mobile apps with HTML5 and Adobe PhoneGap
·         Geolocation and context-aware app features
·         Developing & deploying apps easily with Apigee
SPEAKER BIO:  Tim Anglade

angladeTim Anglade is Head of Developer Programs for Apigee, the API company. In previous lives he was the CTO of a small startup, a grad. school lecturer, and an invited expert at the W3C. He enjoys long walks on the beach and hates writing about himself in the third person.


Link to Slides
Store Locator Demo on GitHub
Store Locator Code on GitHub 
Getting Started on Android from Apigee’s GitHub
Webcast Video

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