Play Framework by Brian Clapper

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Brian Clapper drops knowledge on JUG members.

ABSTRACT:  Play Framework
The Play framework is a high-productivity, scalable web application framework, with both Scala and Java APIs. Play is conceptually similar to popular web frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Grails. Like Grails, it combines the power and scalability of the JVM with the high-productivity of a modern, lightweight web application framework. In addition, its Scala and Java APIs provide a compile-time type safety that isn’t available in dynamic languages like Ruby or Groovy.

This presentation will provide an introduction to Play, exploring its features while comparing and contrasting its Java and Scala APIs.

SPEAKER BIO:  Brian Clapper
BMC cartoonBrian Clapper is a Philadelphia-area independent consultant with several decades’ experience as a software developer and architect. He is proficient in many programming languages, including Scala, Java, Ruby and Python. Brian founded the Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts user group in 2010.


Link to slides on speaker’s website

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