URL Re-writing for the Next Generation Web User by Lincoln Baxter III

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ABSTRACT: Security and Usability: URL-Rewriting for the Next-Generation Web User

The web is already a great solution for complex business/enterprise systems and provides all the tools and foundations required to deliver scalable, performant applications for a wide variety of customers and clients. But how does your end-user experience stack up?

How easy is it to navigate through your website code, full of nasty navigation logic? Are your links clear, transparent, and informative? How frequently do you find yourself adding ‘?query=parameters’ in order to serve dynamic content from your application? Do you expose sensitive information in your URLs? How do you serve JavaScript/HTML5 applications that use traditional URLs to save history state, rather than that nasty hash (#)? Trying to migrate your URLs away from a legacy web-site, to a new, modern evolution?

These are all things that URL-rewriting can help with, and if any of these questions sound familiar, or interesting, then this session is for you. From security to usability, we will learn how to encrypt and secure URL data, design and create human readable, pretty URLs, and integrate will a range of applications, from JSF to GWT.

SPEAKER BIO: Lincoln Baxter III
Lincoln BaxterLincoln Baxter, III is a Senior Software Engineer at JBoss, by Red Hat. He is the project-lead of JBoss Forge (a standards based rapid application development tool), founder of OCPsoft.org, the creator of Rewrite, and also the well knownPrettyFaces (URL-Rewriting extensions for Servlet, Java EE, and JSF). He is the creator of PrettyTime (Social-style date & time formatting for Java), a member of the JBoss Seam Team, and a member of the JSF2 Expert Group.

When he is not speaking at conferences, swimming, running, or playing Ultimate Frisbee, Lincoln is focused on improving the openness of Java, the Java Community Process (JCP), and bringing the Java EE platform to small businesses and freelancers. You can stay current on his latest open-source developments by following him on Twitter (@lincolnthree), or subscribing to his blog at http://ocpsoft.org/.

URL Re-writing slides PDF

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