Java Performance Monitoring by Paul Jasek

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ABSTRACT: Java Monitoring: Stuff You Can Get for Free (And Stuff You Can’t)

Paul will present an overview of the Java monitoring landscape, and discuss the pros and cons of various free monitoring tools on the market (what they do, what they can’t, and what features you have to pay for). He will also discuss the landscape of commercial monitoring, and best Java monitoring practices at enterprise companies such as Netflix.

A Rutgers College graduate, Paul started in IT 25 years ago as a software programmer/analyst with companies like RCA, GE, Dow Jones and Dun & Bradstreet. As a member of the technical team at AppDynamics, he consults with companies managing enterprise Java environments such as Nickelodeon’s virtual gaming environments as well as UNCs and Georgia Tech’s academic and students services applications. He helps them with application uptime and availability, performance tuning, and overall strategy. In his spare time, Paul is trying to prove to himself he “still has it” by developing his first iPhone app.

Java Performance Monitoring PDF

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