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ABSTRACT:  Android
The Android operating system now powers more smartphones than any other operating system, and with nearly 600,000 new device activations daily that trend looks set to continue. It is also nipping at the heels of the leader in the tablet market as well, in addition to being embedded in lots of other devices such as stand-alone GPS units and television set-top boxes. If there was ever a train worth jumping aboard, Android is it!

With a Java-based development model utilizing common (not to mention free!) development tools, getting started with Android couldn’t be easier for Java developers. With an emulator available you don’t even need to own an Android device to start playing!

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In this talk you’ll get an introduction to Android, learn about its overall architecture and see not only the similarities to typical Java development but also the differences. You’ll become familiar with the tooling offered by Google and will see it in action as we explore a few different code examples and see that code in action. Later on we’ll touch on a few somewhat more advanced topics such as the Enterprise API and the NDK.

SPEAKER BIO: Frank Zammetti

FZ picFrank W. Zammetti is a long-time lead developer/architect at BNY Mellon specializing in advanced web application development primarily using Java and front-end technologies such as DWR, ExtJS and HTML5 generally.  Frank is an experienced multi-platform mobile developer who has developed mobile apps using various technologies including Corona, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and of course native development for iOS, Android, webOS and Windows Mobile.  Frank is the author of seven books covering topics like JavaScript, DWR, ExtJS, webOS, Dojo, webOS and Corona SDK.  Frank has published a number of articles on topics related to RIA development in various publications on web sites.  Frank has also developed a number of certification exams on numerous topics including Android, iOS, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Java, .Net, Business Analysis and many more.  Frank is a contributor to numerous open-source projects, including having started a few and leading others and he has served as a judge the past two years for the Packt Open-Source awards.  Frank is currently working on a cutting-edge mobile framework based on Node.js, MongoDB, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap and which uses a RESTful service model.

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