Java SE7 Preview by Kirk Spadt

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ABSTRACT:  Java SE7 Preview

Sun’s latest Java release, Java 2 Standard Edition version SE 7, has been announced by Oracle, and is now available for download. Java SE 7 delivers: language changes that improve productivity by simplifying and reducing code; improved support for dynamic languages with enhanced performance; a parallel processing framework to leverage multi-core architectures; expanded file handling functionality, new features for networking, security, internationalization; and more. This presentation details the new functionality, contrasts it to current methods and technologies that they can replace, and provides code examples and resources to enable the participant to quickly leverage these enhancements.

SPEAKER BIO:  Kirk Spadt

Spadt picKirk Spadt is the principal architect for Automated Financial Systems, Inc., a leading software and services supplier to the financial sector. He conceived the rapid-development framework now used to create AFS’s products, and oversees the adoption of new technologies. He has held JEE architect positions at Enerwise and Skylight Systems; founded Keyware Systems, Inc. where he conceptualized and led the creation of the POSWare system for the Retail industry; and for IBM Corporation. Spadt holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University.

Whats New in JavaSE7 slides PDF

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