To ESB…or not to ESB by Ross Mason

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ABSTRACT:  To ESB…or not to ESB

The term ESB has become synonymous with integration.  While the ESB grew from the needs of enterprise integration, the landscape has changed and not every project that needs  integration needs an ESB architecture. Increasingly, web application developers need to integrate with both cloud and enterprise applications and services. This has evolved to the point where the data tier of the traditional 3-tier web application has become an integration tier. Your application’s data is no longer just in a database but spread across different cloud and on-premise applications.

This talk will provide insights about when to select an ESB architecture, and when to use something else. We will also look at other alternatives for integration such as Web and REST services, and options for integrating in the cloud.


Ross Mason is Founder and CTO of MuleSoft, Inc., and the creator of the Mule integration platform. Mason founded the open source Mule project in 2003. Frustrated by integration “donkey work”, he set out to create a new platform that emphasized ease of development and re-use of components. He started the Mule project to bring a modern approach, one of assembly, rather than repetitive coding, to developers worldwide.

Prior Mason was CEO of SymphonySoft Limited, an EU-based company providing services for large-scale integration projects. He has been working on distributed and prickly integration problems for over 15 years and has a passion for making integration easier, driven by the fact that our integration needs never diminish.

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