Groovy and Grails Overview by Bob Rodini

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ABSTRACT:  Groovy and Grails Overview
Why should you bother to learn Groovy? Answer: to be more productive. Why should you learn Grails? Answer: same as above. In this presentation I will demonstrate sample programs written in both Java and Groovy to show off Groovy’s productivity. I will also explain the key concepts behind Grails via a sample app. Also included is a whirlwind tour of the Groovy language.


Bob has an MS in Computer Science and more recently an MA in Mathematics. He has been a systems programmer, an applications programmer, an architect, a project manager (yuk), and a mentor to many junior developers. He was cited by Unisys as a “Lead Developer” and by Microsoft as one of their first “Certified Solutions Developers.” He currently teaches at Delaware County Community College and Penn State Great Valley.  His courses include Software Engineering tools (all open source) and processes, and Groovy/Grails development.

What is Groovy PDF
What is Grails PDF
Groovy Language Overview PDF

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