Defining, Implementing, and Maintaining a Java Framework for Pen-based Computing and the Livescribe Platform by Michael Knopp

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ABSTRACT:  Defining, Implementing, and Maintaining a Java framework for pen-based computing and the Livescribe Platform”

This presentation will walk the audience through the history of the Livescribe Java framework from the initial design phase to the current implementation and beyond. We will examine why Java was selected for Penlet development, the process of implementing varied Java specifications, and the risk/benefits of early public API access. Finally we will detail the mapping of existing data structures and paradigms for pen-based computing to the Livescribe platform.

Depending on time constraints, this presentation will include an introduction to Livescribe’s Platform SDK: Java development of Penlets, (early look) Java development of pen communication desktop software, and the Eclipse-based Paper generation tool.

SPEAKER BIO:  Michael Knopp
Michael brings nearly 10 years of mobile product development and developer support to the Livescribe Platform. His varied experience with Java-based technology began with varied implementations on the Palm Platform, supporting the eBay API Java implementation, and development of the core Livescribe Java Penlets. Michael’s experience with Livescribe originated in the demo/stealth phase and has progressed from Java Applications and Developer Tools to a lead role supporting the growing 3rd party community.

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