Scaling The Cloud by Kirk Spadt

ABSTRACT:  Scaling the Cloud
Today, we are faced with a myriad of choices to make when asked to implement robust, scalable, high performance web applications and services. The current economic pressures combined with emerging best of breed open source offerings narrow the field to expose some clear winners.

This presentation contrasts some of today’s cloud computing offerings; discusses options available for creating highly scalable applications on one of these platforms, then demonstrates the implementation and deployment of a fully-functional clustered web application. By the end of the presentation, we will have constructed a multiple-server Amazon EC2 cluster, built a small Grails-based web application, clustered it with the open-source Terracotta platform, deployed it to the servers in the cloud, demonstrated the application, and covered architectural and technology choices that must be considered.

SPEAKER BIO:  Kirk Spadt
Spadt picKirk Spadt is the principal architect for Automated Financial Systems, Inc., a leading software and services supplier to the financial sector. He conceived the rapid-development framework now used to create AFS’s products, and oversees the adoption of new technologies. He has held JEE architect positions at Enerwise and Skylight Systems; founded Keyware Systems, Inc. where he conceptualized and led the creation of the POSWare system for the Retail industry; and for IBM Corporation. Spadt holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University.

ScalingTheCloud PDF

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