Character Sets, Encodings, Java, and Other Headaches by Brian Clapper

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ABSTRACT: Character Sets, Encodings, Java, and Other Headaches
Java is capable of reading, writing, and converting among various character encodings. But, surprisingly, many people don’t entirely understand the difference between Unicode and UTF-16; how ISO Latin 1, Windows 1252, and ASCII are related; how Java translates (or fails to translate) between character encodings; or what the pitfalls are when dealing with external databases, web browsers, and data files. This talk attempts to demystify the terminology, the technology, and the trials and tribulations associated with handling multiple character sets in Java applications.

SPEAKER BIO: Brian Clapper
BMC cartoonBrian Clapper is an independent consultant specializing in software development. With 26 years of experience in the software industry, Brian has had experience in many areas of software development, including a 9-year stint developing an enterprise product information management system for a local independent software vendor. Large-scale systems are one of his specialties. He’s especially fond of Unix-like systems and likes how the JVMallows him to use Linux as a development environment, even in a Windows shop. Oh, and he’s also listed in the Legal Notices section of the iPhone.

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