Are You Covered by Keith Gregory

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ABSTRACT:  Are You Covered?
As unit testing has grown in popularity, coverage metrics have become a primary tool for ensuring the validity of those tests. However, while coverage metrics are a useful tool, they have significant limitations.


Keith in front of the big screen at Penn State Great Valley.

This presentation takes a closer look at two popular open-source coverage tools, Emma and Cobertura. We examine how these tools work, how they can be integrated into your build process, and what they can tell you. More important, we discuss where they fall short, and how you can work around their limitations.

SPEAKER BIO:  Keith Gregory
KDGKeith Gregory has been a professional software developer since 1984, working in fields ranging from data warehousing to real-time data acquisition. He has focused on Java and the J2EE stack since 1999. Along the way he authored one book and co-authored another, and has presented at the Philly JUG. His website is, where you can find the article on which this presentation is based.


Are You Covered PDF

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