Scala for JARheads by Brian Clapper and Mark Chadwick

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ABSTRACT:  Scala for JARheads
Scala is a general purpose programming language that compiles down to JVM byte code. Scala is, at once, more concise and more powerful than Java, while remaining fully interoperable with Java. Scala is not a scripting language; like Java, Scala is compile-time type-safe. But Scala also incorporates features that are missing in Java, including: functional programming constructs that complement its object-oriented support; a powerful type inference engine that contributes to a brevity of syntax without sacrificing compile-time type safety; closures; “type-safe duck typing”; the ability to extend third-party APIs through a powerful and programmable type conversion system; an actor-based concurrency library that borrows heavily from the Erlang actor model; and much more.

Best of all for jarheads, Scala programs run on the JVM and can seamlessly incorporate any existing Java code. This is a Big Win.

The “Scala for Jarheads” presentation focuses on how Scala provides an enhanced programming experience for Java programmers, solving many of the niggling irritations present in the Java language.

SPEAKER BIOS:  Brian Clapper and Mark Chadwick
BMC cartoonBrian Clapper is an independent consultant specializing in software development. With 26 years of experience in the software industry, Brian has had experience in many areas of software development, including a 9-year stint developing an enterprise product information management system for a local independent software vendor. Large-scale systems are one of his specialties. He’s especially fond of Unix-like systems and likes how the JVMallows him to use Linux as a development environment, even in a Windows shop. Oh, and he’s also listed in the Legal Notices section of the iPhone.

Mark Chadwick is a Senior Software Engineer for Invite Media, Inc. in Center City, Philadelphia. A consummate geek and former touring musician, Mark enjoys poking around at new things, learning all the fun stuff, and moving on. He owns one of the world’s largest collections of abandoned open source software.

Scala for Jarheads PDF

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