Direct Web Remoting by Frank Zammetti

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ABSTRACT:  Direct Web Remoting

RIAs, or Rich Internet Applications, are where it’s at! Ajax specifically has changed the world of web development, and there is no shortage of options when developing such applications, from plain Javascript with the XMLHttpRequest object to popular libraries such as Dojo, jQuery, Ext JS and Prototype, or more “proper” frameworks such as JSF, Echo2 and ZK. What’s a Java developer to do?

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One option that has grown increasingly popular among Java developers is DWR, or Direct Web Remoting. Simply stated, DWR provides what is essentially an RPC mechanism that makes calling server-side Java code from a Javascript-based client look like calling local Javascript code. There’s no mucking about with complex Javascript, no cross-browser issues, no URLs to map and no complex server-side framework to work within. You in fact don’t even have to think about that fact that you’re working with HTTP! You’ll think in terms of what you know: classes, methods, VOs, data structures and basic Java types. DWR allows you to use your Java skills in a highly efficient way while in no way limiting how you developer your client-side code.Frank presents

In this presentation I’ll introduce DWR and show all that it has to offer. From the basics of using it to more advanced topics such as so-called “reverse Ajax” you’ll see lots of examples and lots of code. You’ll see how DWR builds in security at a very fundamental level and how it can integrate with other popular technologies such as Spring. You’ll see how DWR, in concert with a good client-side library like Ext JS and a clean, POJO-based server-side API, produces a unique and elegant architecture that does away with a great deal of the complexity that tends to creep into modern J2EE solutions. We’ll also take a brief look at the future of DWR, specifically what new and exciting features are coming with the pending version 3 release, including automatic REST interface creation.

SPEAKER BIO:  Frank Zammetti

FZ picFrank W. Zammetti is a long-time lead developer/architect at BNY Mellon specializing in advanced web application development primarily using Java and front-end technologies such as DWR, ExtJS and HTML5 generally.  Frank is an experienced multi-platform mobile developer who has developed mobile apps using various technologies including Corona, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and of course native development for iOS, Android, webOS and Windows Mobile.  Frank is the author of seven books covering topics like JavaScript, DWR, ExtJS, webOS, Dojo, webOS and Corona SDK.  Frank has published a number of articles on topics related to RIA development in various publications on web sites.  Frank has also developed a number of certification exams on numerous topics including Android, iOS, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Java, .Net, Business Analysis and many more.  Frank is a contributor to numerous open-source projects, including having started a few and leading others and he has served as a judge the past two years for the Packt Open-Source awards.  Frank is currently working on a cutting-edge mobile framework based on Node.js, MongoDB, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap and which uses a RESTful service model.

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