Building REST and SOAP Web Services and Clients by Chris Hyzer

Hosted by
Penn State Great Valley

ABSTRACT:  Building REST and SOAP Web Services and Clients
The Internet2 Grouper project exposed its APImethods through REST and SOAP web services using XML, XHTML, JSON, and HTTP. This presentation will show how the business logic and data beans are organized to facilitate web service communication over these various formats using third party open source software and code generation. Each web service operation is automatically documented for each of the supported data formats. Given the operation specification, we will show how to build a client for the web service. We will also discuss: batched operations and transactions, security including WS-security, error handling, logging, and testing.


PSGV Hyzer

Musser Auditorium at Penn State Great Valley

SPEAKER BIO:  Chris Hyzer 

HyzerChris has been working for educational, consulting and software companies for the last 10 years. He is a lead developer on Internet2’s open source Grouper software. He works in the central IT department at Penn where he has written and supports a large scale framework that powers 60 administrative Java web applications. Chris earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Penn in 1998. He has taught community college courses and has many of technical certifications including scja, scjp, scjd, scwcd, scbcd, and scea.

Web Service PDF

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