OSGi Introduction by Oleg Zhurakousky

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ABSTRACT:  OSGi Introduction
OSGi concept has gained some attention over the last few years, and rightfully so. With the increasing complexity of today’s software, OSGi and its simple, light weight yet sophisticated model provides an ideal environment to build highly modular and dynamic systems which support versioning and dynamic changes over time.
This session will cover the following topics:

  • History of OSGi and problem addressed by OSGi
  • OSGi core concepts
  • OSGi as Java platform to host OSGi Bundles and Services
  • OSGi Execution Environment
  • OSGi Modules a.k.a Bundles (including packaging and deployment, role ofMANIFEST.MF)
  • OSGi as life cycle manager
  • OSGi as Service registry
  • OSGi Services
  • Standard services
  • Framework services
  • System Services
  • OSGi Class Loading and Versioning
  • Import/Export MANIFEST headers
  • OSGi Target Platform
  • Core Platforms (Equinox, Knoplerfish, Apache Felix)
  • Target Platform extensibility
  • Eclipse and all it’s variations
  • Spring-DM
  • Custom
  • Development
  • Tooling around OSGi (i.e., Eclipse PDE)
  • Maven
  • Quick intro of Spring Dynamic Modules (DM) as:
  1. bridge between raw OSGi and Spring based Applications
  2. core for Spring Source Application Platform

The following will be demonstrated:

  • Start various OSGi platforms and explore their consoles
  • Write “Hello World” OSGi Bundle and Service
  • Working with OSGi services and service listeners
  • Creating Spring-DM target platform and deploying Spring-Based application

SPEAKER BIO:  Oleg Zhurakousky
OlegOleg is an IT professional with 14+ years of experience in software engineering across multiple disciplines including software architecture and design, consulting, business analysis and application development. He currently focuses on delivering simple but powerful Spring based solutions and training to the North American market.

After starting his career in the world of COBOL & CICS, Oleg has been focusing on professional Java and Java EE development since 1999. Since 2004 he has been heavily involved in using several open source technologies and platforms with Spring Framework at the forefront, while working on a number of projects around the world and spanning industries such as Telecommunication, Banking, Law Enforcement, US DOD and others.

Oleg’s current passions include Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Grid Computing, Test Driven development and Aspect Oriented Programming while his Spring passions are aligned with Spring DM, Spring Integration and Spring Web Services, a combination which he believes will evolve in simple, light weight and yet powerful SOA platform.

OSGi Slides PDF

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