2010: An Acronym Odyssey by Brian O’Neill

ABSTRACT:  2010: An Acronym Odyssey
This is a one-stop shop for buzzword bingo as we take a whirl wind tour of Enterprise Java development standards and technologies that may take hold over the next couple years. Specifically, we’ll take a look at OSGi, Service Component Architectures (SCA) and Java Business Integration (JBI) in the pursuit of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) via Enterprise Service Buses (ESB).

Contrary to popular belief, these specifications are not necessarily competing. We’ll prove that out as we go through concrete examples of each. Addtionally, we’ll identify what each specification does well, and how and where each falls in the highly sought after holy grail of enterprise application integration.

SPEAKER BIO:  Brian O’Neill
ONEILLBrian O’Neill is Director of IT for Verilogue. He has been a lead on a development effort to create communications and security components of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). He is also a member of a team pioneering government-funded open source (http://www.rvooz.org). Brian sits on multiple expert groups within the Java Community Process (JCP) including specifications for the SIP protocol and Java Business Integration (JBI). He holds patents in artificial intelligence and has pending patents in the fields of dynamic application data routing and discovery. Brian holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Brown University.

2010 PDF

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