Secure Java Programming by Scott Fraser

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ABSTRACT:  Secure Java Programming
Today you gain L33t Haxxor Skilllz!!!!1111

  • Recognize the most common and dangerous Java coding mistakes that make applications vulnerable
  • See L33t Exploits in action
  • Refactor code to take defensive measures
  • Review what the Java platform has to offer
  • Know where the online resources are
  • Properly label and categorize vulnerabilities


  • Java platform security features
  • Online Resources
  • Most common vulnerabilities
  • Leet Skillz k\/\/Iz

– See Java code – Find the vulnerability – Exploit the weakness – Harden the code against haxxors

SPEAKER BIO:  Scott Fraser

FraserScott Fraser, CTO/co-founder, Portico Systems
Scott has worked professionally in the information technology sector for more than twenty one years. One of the three original founders of Portico Systems, he continues to have hands-on involvement with the company’s Java-based platform. Previously he worked as an independent consultant specializing in UNIX/Windows C/C++ programming, and networking.

Scott started working with Java in 1996, and looks forward to 10 more years with the language that single-handedly saved him from memory leaks, Win16/32 APIs, and General Protection Faults.

He has a BS in Environmental Biology from Eastern University in St. David’s PA, and is an avid birder.

Java Security PDF

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