Practical JRuby by Rob DiMarco

With the release of Java 6, the JDK now supports a variety of scripting languages. One of the most interesting and popular of the supported is JRuby, a 100% Java implementation of the Ruby language. JRuby allows a developer to leverage the power and associated libraries of both Ruby and Java. In this presentation, Rob Di Marco will introduce JRuby to a Java audience and walk through examples of where using JRuby can be helpful to the Java developer. Topics covered will include:

  • What is JRuby
  • Calling JRuby from Java
  • Calling Java from JRuby
  • Using JRuby to build a simple Domain Specific Language
  • Building and deploying a JRuby on Rails application on a J2EE application server

Rob Di Marco has spent most of the decade building Java applications and guiding technology teams. Currently, Rob serves as a founder for a early stage internet startup that is looking to change how business people network. Prior to this position, Rob served as the VP of Technology for Health Market Science, responsible for defining the technology vision for HMS and then turning the vision into reality. Prior to HMS, Rob served as the Software Development Group Manager for The Adrenaline Group, a software development consultancy based in Washington, D.C. Rob graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Physics and Chemistry.

Introduction to JRuby PDF

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