Distributed Caching by Cameron Purdy

Sponsored by


RIP Tangosol (acquired by Oracle, 2007)

ABSTRACT: Distributed Caching
Cameron Purdy will discuss applications development considerations for maximum scalable performance and reliability in clustered J2EE environments. This presentation focuses on improving scalability and scalable performance of applications through the use of clustered caching to reliably share live data among clustered JVMs in the application tier, providing transparent fail-over as a key element of uninterrupted operation and reduced load on the database tier as a key element of scalability.

This presentation will focus on:

*Caching Topologies: the limitations, trade-offs, and benefits

*Cache aside, read/write through and write behind architectures, where and when to use

*Use cases and a topology quiz

*The 12 essential lessons

SPEAKER BIO:  Cameron Purdy
PurdyMr. Purdy is a seasoned executive, founding and growing software companies and leading product development. Prior to founding Tangosol in 2000, Mr. Purdy was co-founder of a company that specialized in enterprise Java component development software. A software visionary and an active member of the software community, Mr. Purdy is a contributor to the Java and XMLspecifications, and is co-author of a component-based development patent with Dr. Gleyzer. Mr. Purdy received his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Alabama.

Caching PDF

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