Effective Unit Testing for Java EE by Rob DiMarco

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ABSTRACT:  Effective Unit Testing for Java EE
The importance of unit testing and continuous integration is well accepted in modern software development. But how does an Enterprise Java developer cheaply, easily, and effectively test their application when they are so dependent on so many pieces of infrastructure, like an application server and a relational database. This presentation will demonstrate how using open source technologies can improve the effectiveness of your unit testing for JEEapplications. Open source tools that will be demonstrated include Maven 2, Cobertura, JBoss Embedded EJB 3.0 Container, Hypersonic DB, and JUnit 4.

Rob Di Marco is the Senior Director for Software Development at Health Market Science inKing of Prussia, PA. In that role, Rob is responsible for defining the technology vision for HMS and then turning the vision into reality. Prior to HMS, Rob served as the Software Development Group Manager for The Adrenaline Group, a software development consultancy based in Washington, D.C. Rob graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Physics and Chemistry.

Unit Testing PDF

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