The State of AOP by Ramnivas Laddad

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ABSTRACT:  The State of AOP
Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a programming methodology whose time has come! This talk will survey all the new things that has been happening in the world of AOP.

AOP aims to solve a class of problem known as crosscutting concerns abound in enterprise applications: logging, tracing, dynamic profiling, error handling, service-level agreement, policy enforcement, pooling, caching, concurrency control, security, transaction management, business rules, domain driven design, and so forth. AOPprovides an elegant solution in each case.

AspectJ is the leading implementation of AOP for Java. The output produced by the AspectJ compiler is compatible with the Java byte code specification. This talk will explain the AOP concepts, introduce the AspectJ language and its integration with Spring, and show many application of AOP. After this talk, you will have clear understanding of AOP, its usefulness to your applications.

SPEAKER BIO:  Ramnivas Laddad
Ramnivas Laddad is a Principal at Interface21. He has over a decade of experience in applying his enterprise Java and aspect-oriented programming (AOP) expertise to middleware, design automation, networking, web application, user interface, and security projects. Ramnivas is a well-known expert in enterprise Java, especially in the area of AOP. He is the author of AspectJ in Action, the best-selling book on AOP and AspectJ. His book is highly recommended by leading industry experts for its practical and innovative applications of AOP solving a wide range of real-world problems.

Ramnivas is also one of the industry’s leading conference speakers, who has given over one hundred talks at conferences such as JavaOne, No Fluff Just Stuff, JavaPolis, and EclipseCon. Ramnivas hosts the Aspectivity blog, where he shares his thoughts on AOP and related topics. He is an active member of
the AspectJ community and has been involved with AOP since its early form.

The State of AOP Slides PDF

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