RSS, Atom, APP, and All That: a Course for Developers by Elliotte Rusty Harold

ABSTRACT: RSS, Atom, APP, and All That: a Course for Developers

XML based syndication is moving from its foundations in weblogs to unexpected arenas: source code control systems, audio narrowcasts, e-mail, bug tracking, stock tickers, and more. News readers like Vienna, NetNewsWire, RSSOwl, and Newsgator are replacing classic web browsers for many uses. This session explores the fundamental technologies underlying this explosion of content: the various versions of RSS, Atom, and the Atom Publishing Protocol. Learn the tricks and techniques for integrating these XMLapplications into your products as both clients and servers.

SPEAKER BIO:  Elliotte Rusty Harold

Elliotte is originally from New Orleans to which he returns periodically in search of a decent bowl of gumbo. However, he currently resides in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn with his wife Beth and cats Charm (named after the quark) and Marjorie (named after his mother-in-law). He’s an adjunct professor of computer science at Polytechnic University where he teaches Java, XML, and object oriented programming. His Cafe au Lait web site has become one of the most popular independent Java sites on the Internet, and his spin-off site Cafe con Leche has become one of the most popular XML sites. His books include Java I/O, Java Network Programming, the XML Bible, and XMLin a Nutshell. He’s currently working on the XOM Library for processing XML with Java, the jaxen XPath engine, and the Amateur media player.

Link to presenter’s slides on his site

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