VoIP and the JAIN/SIP API by Brian O’Neill

Sponsored byGestalt

RIP Gestalt LLC (acquired by Accenture, 2008)


Voice over IP (VoIP) is all the rage these days. The underlying technology fueling its adoption and enabling interoperability is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). To expose these capabilities to Java Developers, the Java APIs for Integrated Networks (JAIN) group has defined the JAIN SIP API. This presentation will provide a deep understanding of this API and how to build VoIP enabled applications using it, including the call-flows and interaction models underlying the protocol. In addition to its VoIP applications, SIP also enables other collaboration capabilities such as instant messaging, and presence/availability. The presentation will delve into these capabilities and demonstrate how a developer could leverage them to build “convergent applications”
that enable much more than human-to-human collaboration.

SPEAKER BIO: Brian O’Neill

ONEILLBrian O’Neill is a Technical Architect for Gestalt, LLC, where he is product owner of an infrastructure that enables peer-to-peer, convergent Service Oriented Architectures. Brian sits on expert groups developing Java APIs for Integrated Networks (JAIN). This is a group within the Java Community Process, where Brian was instrumental in the design of the JAIN SIP API v.1.1 (JSR 32). He is currently involved in defining the next revision of the Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE) – JSR 240, which is an event-based framework for service development.

Prior to Gestalt, Mr. O’Neill was Chief architect at BaseVoice LLC, where he designed and developed a SIP stack implementation and other VoIP technologies. Before that, Brian operated as Chief Technical Officer at nLoci Corp. where he managed the development of a J2EE based SIP Proxy, Presence and Registrar Server. He holds patents in artificial intelligence and has pending patents in the field of dynamic application data routing. Brian holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Brown University.


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