Space-Based Architecture and the End of Tier-Based Computing by Dennis Reedy

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ABSTRACT: Space-Based Architecture and the End of Tier-Based Computing

Most business applications are architected using a tier-based approach (presentation, business logic, data tier). The emergence of powerful and new commodity HW and the introduction of SOA/Grid architectures touts the promise of achieving true linearly-scalable systems at a lower cost. However, as we shall see in this presentation, these new platforms and architectures are not aligned with the existing tier-based approach, which is by definition centralized and static.

During the presentation, a new approach will be introduced – Space Based Architecture (SBA). It is basically a combination of Distributed Caching, SOA and Grid concepts combined into a single coherent architecture optimized for high-performance data-intensive applications, which transforms existing tier-based applications into linearly and dynamically scalable services. Towards the end we will also discuss a real-life example of a financial application that was built using the SBA. We will explore the patterns used to achieve this goal and explore how it can be applied to other applications with similar requirements.

SPEAKER BIO: Dennis Reedy

Dennis brings over 15 years of proven engineering success delivering technology in areas which include dynamic adaptive network systems and distributed systems architecture & patterns.

Dennis leads the strategy and development of emerging technologies and standards for GigaSpaces. Before joining GigaSpaces Dennis worked at Sun Microsystems, where he developed innovative technologies as a Principal Engineer with the Advanced Technology and Edge Computing Group and in the Jini Engineering team. Before Sun, Dennis was the Chief Systems Architect and Director of Software Development at Magna Software. Prior to Magna, Dennis was an independent consultant providing services in multiple areas including distributed object architectures, dynamic fault-tolerant enterprise messaging infrastructure and image processing systems.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Marist College, NY.

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