Injecting Life into Web Applications with AJAX by Steve Benfield

Sponsored by
RIP ClearNova (dissolved in 2008)

ABSTRACT:  Injecting Life into Web Applications with AJAX

AJAX is hot—as in hype hot. The techniques of AJAX have been under our noses for years but in the past few months the term has reached a tipping point and spread across the web development community like wildfire. Is AJAX for real or will it wind up in the architect’s junkpile like Entity Beans? Will AJAX fulfill user’s desires to have web applications behave like their older client/server applications? In this session we’ll cover how AJAX works, discuss architectural considerations for building AJAX-enabled applications, look at lots of code examples, expore some real-world AJAX examples, discuss using AJAX for returning dynamic data vs. dynamic GUI elements, and cover emerging AJAX frameworks & patterns. We’ll end with a demonstration and comparison of an AJAX enabled business application vs. a traditional HTML app. Finally we’ll discuss what our team had to consider and some of the pitfalls we found when it came to implementing our own AJAX framework.

SPEAKER BIO:  Steve Benfield

Steve has been involved in Java & web development since 1996 and is former CTO of SilverStream Software. He has spoken at at Java One, Web Services Edge, Software Development Expo, OMG, Gartner Symposium, Sybase TechWave, and Comdex.

Steve guarantees that you will not fall asleep at this presentation and you will walk away with a clear understanding of AJAX.

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