Agile Model-Driven Development with Pragmatic MDA by Jon Kern

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ABSTRACT:  Agile Model-Driven Development with Pragmatic MDA

Have you heard any of the debates over Model Driven Architecture, UML’s immaturity, code generation controversy, and modeling is for wimps? Are you familiar with the Agile movement sweeping development shops around the world? Could there possibly be a way to combine the two towards the creation of a highly-effective development process?

An author of The Agile Manifesto, Jon Kern, takes a somewhat contrarian view towards the MDAnay-sayers. Jon is a fanatic about ensuring software development efforts deliver business value. To that end, this will be a “no hype” presentation.

Jon will describe a pragmatic “distilled” usage that has high project value when combined with visual tool support. He will discuss where UML and MDA overlap, and will dismiss the “Silver Bullet” theory that often accompanies design and development tools. You will learn about MDA, the theories and the practice.

Along the way, Jon will share details of his three simple keys to software development success :

  • Separation of Concerns
  • Consistency of Construction/Architecture
  • Agile development


Kern headshotJon Kern of Compuware is an author of The Agile Manifesto, a co-author of Java Design with Peter Coad, and one of the original execs who was a major contributor to TogetherSoft’s success prior to its sale to Borland. Jon has 20+ years of experience from jet engine R&D, to real-time flight simulators, running his own development company, developing IBM’s manufacturing execution system, to leading TogetherSoft’s development and QA teams (in Russia).

Agile MDA Slides PDF

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