Sun Microsystems Roadshow (Glassfish and Peabody) by Rima Patel

Sponsored by
RIP Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle)

ABSTRACT:  Glassfish and Peabody

Project Peabody is an initiative to provide a more collaborative development environment for future generations of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). Project Glassfish aims to drive innovation in the J2EE/application server space, to improve developer access to J2EE sources and increase transparency in J2EE development. It is the response to Java developers who want access to the source code and want to contribute to the development of Sun’s next generation application server.

SPEAKER BIO:  Rima Patel

Rima Patel is a Mathematics graduate (with some graduate-level studies) in Applied Mathematics from M.S. University (Gujarat, India). She has five years of industry experience, starting her career with training at an Indian computer institute. Prior to joining Sun as a Java Technology Evangelist, she worked as an Assistant Technical Architect responsible for designing network and application architecture for components and directories. Her technology interests include high performance networks, data server architectures and applied physics.

Peabody GlassFish Slides PDF

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