Migrating From Struts to JSF by Kito Mann

ABSTRACT:  Migrating from Struts to JSF

As JavaServer Faces (JSF), the new standard Java web application framework, grows in popularity, development teams are beginning to evaluate different strategies for migrating from Struts to JSF.

This session begins with a brief overview of JSF. Next, it examines different strategies for using Struts and JSF together as well as migrating from Struts to JSF, discussing the pros and cons of each approach. The session ends with an overview of future directions forJSF as well as Struts, and the Struts Shale project.


Kito D. Mann is editor-in-chief of JSF Central and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). He is also a member of the JSF 1.2, JSP 2.1, and Design-Time API for JavaBeans expert groups, and Principal Consultant at Virtua, Inc., specializing in enterprise application architecture, development, mentoring, and JSF product strategy. A frequent speaker at industry events such as JavaOne and the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposiums, Kito has consulted with several Fortune 500 clients, including Prudential Financial and J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, and was recently the chief architect of an educational application service provider. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Migrating from Struts to JSF Slides PDF

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