Sun Roadshow J2SE 5.0 Update – The Roar of the Tiger by Sang Shin

Sponsored by
RIP Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle)

ABSTRACT:  J2SE 5.0 Update – The Roar of the Tiger

The latest version of Java, J2SE version 5 code named Tiger, is the biggest change to Java since its launch over nine years ago. With the focus of this release being ease of development there are many new features that developers need to be aware of.

As part of the launch of J2SE 5.0 Sun’s Technology Evangelism team are visiting Java User Groups around the world to spread the word on what’s new and how to use it. This presentation will provide deep technical content covering the use of features like generics, metadata and the new concurrency utilities. From a deployment perspective there are many useful new features to simplify monitoring, managing and performance tuning of the Java virtual machine. Come and learn how to get the most out of these new features. To simplify the development of new Java applications the open source NetBeans developer tools now support J2SE 5.0; see demonstrations of how easy it is to use the new features.


Sang Shin is presently working for Sun Microsystems as a Java™ Technology Evangelist as well as a Technology Architecture Consultant. He is currently based in the Boston area and his duties include evangelizing and consulting on important Java technologies such as J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Web-tier frameworks such as JavaServer Faces (JSF), and Java-based dynamic distributed network technologies such as Jini and Jxta technologies, and Web services technologies such as ebXML and UBL to a worldwide developer audience. He frequently talks on these topics in various technical conferences.

Sang Shin has been with Sun Microsystems for many years working in various research and engineering projects mostly in data communication, networking, internet, and Java related areas. Prior to Sun, he worked in several startup companies in various engineering and managerial capacities. Whenever he finds time, he also teaches several software engineering courses at Brandeis University in Massachusetts. He also teaches free online J2EE courses, which are currently being taken by close to 3000 Java developers worldwide. Sang is also co-chair of “Conferences and Seminars” sub-committee of ebXML Joint Marketing Team.

Tiger Slides PDF

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