EJB and JDO by Patrick Linskey

Sponsored by
RIP SolarMetric (acquired by BEA Systems, 2005)


The recent announcement by Sun Microsystems about the EJB and JDOspecification teams collaborating on a common persistence API was driven by requests from the Java community. The collaboration will result in the development of a new specification that incorporates the best of parts of the JDO and EJB standards. Like JDO, this common persistence API will work in and out of the container. Additionally, JDO 2.0 will continue to push forward, sharing many aspects of the new persistence specification e.g., object/relational mapping metadata, but adding functionality that will go beyond the scope of the new persistence specification. In this presentation, we will highlight the current status of the new persistence specification and the details of the JDO 2 specification.

We will highlight how developers can use the JDO specification, available today, as the perfect migration path to the new persistence specification and how products supporting both specifications can provide interoperability between the two standards. Finally, in this presentation, we will highlight criteria to look at when you evaluate different persistence solutions.

SPEAKER BIO:  Patrick Linskey

Patrick Linskey has been working with Java Data Objects for over 3 years and has been involved in object/relational mapping for 5+ years. As the founder and CTO of SolarMetric, Patrick drives the technical direction of the company. Patrick is a luminary on JDOcentral, a consortium committed to marketing theJDO standard. Patrick has been the primary evangelist for JDO, having publicly spoken to rave reviews in numerous cities over the past 2 years. He has been one of the leaders on the JDO specification team, currently helping drive theJDO 2.0 specification and will be SolarMetric’s representative on the new POJOpersistence specification propsed by Sun.

Patrick is co-author of Bitter EJB, one of the more popular Java books in 2003. Patrick has also worked for TechTrader, MIT’s Media Lab and Bank One in various technical roles. Under Patrick’s leadership, SolarMetric has developed the market leading JDO implementation with nearly 300 customers throughout the world spanning all industries. Patrick holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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