Developing High Performance Web Services using Apache Axis by Ted O’Connor

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ABSTRACT: Developing High Performance Web Services using Apache Axis

As web services become more popular in enterprise applications we need to know how the different service styles and serialization techniques compare in terms of performance and scalability. This presentation will cover how to best leverage web services by comparing several solutions that use Tomcat and Axis 1.2. Specifically it will analyze performance, functionality and ease of use of:

  • Base64 encoding versus SOAP attachments for binary content transfer, and
  • different techniques for bean serialization

SPEAKER BIO:  Ted O’Connor

Ted O’Connor is a senior software engineer and project manager for Wingspan Technology in Blue Bell. His Java background includes work in the pharmaceutical and publishing industries with a focus on enterprise portals and web services. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Villanova University and is both a Sun Certified Java Developer and a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

Axis Slides PDF

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