Professional Open Source and the Future of JBoss by Marc Fleury and Gavin King

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ABSTRACT: Professional Open Source and the Future of JBoss

Marc Fleury, founder and president of JBoss Inc. and Gavin King, founder and lead developer of Hibernate will describe the Professional Open Source model and what the future means for key open source Java products such as JBoss Application Server, Hibernate, JBoss Cache, and others. This talk will also include detailed technical discussions about the Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework and the role the Microkernel plays within the JBoss Application Server. We will move beyond just simple logging examples to cover all standard reusable aspect technologies present in JBoss such as persistence, caching, invocations, transactions, and acidity. As a bonus, this session will also include detailed coverage of key additional open source Java products such as Hibernate, the world’s most popular open source O/R Mapping and Transparent Object Persistence product and JBoss Cache, a unique transactional replicated cache. This session will also give attendees the chance to ask questions of two of the most recognized leaders in open source Java software.

SPEAKER BIOS:  Marc Fleury and Gavin King

Marc Fleury is currently the founder and president of JBoss Inc, the industry’s largest open source Java software provider. Based in Atlanta, JBoss Inc. has instituted the Professional Open SourceT model whereby open source Java products are supported by the actual core development teams. A graduate of France’s Ecole Polytechnique, and an ex-Lieutenant in the French paratroopers, Marc received a Masters in Theoretical Physics from the Ecole Nationale Superieure rue d’Ulm and a PhD in Physics from Ecole Polytechnique for experimental work he did as a visiting scientist at MIT’s Research Lab of Electronics. Marc began his professional career at Sun Microsystems France in sales before transitioning to engineering, where he worked in SAP development for Sun in Silicon Valley. Shortly after leaving Sun to work as an independent software contractor, Marc started the JBoss open source Java Application Server project.

Gavin King is the founder and lead developer of the Hibernate project, an open source Object/Relational Mapping and Transparent Object Persistence product. Gavin was born in Australia and still resides in Melbourne. Gavin studied mathematics at the Monash University before deciding to make the leap into open source software. He currently works on Hibernate and a new Hibernate-based CMP engine for JBoss Inc., the Professional Open Source company and supplier of technical support services for a suite of Open Source Java products. Gavin has recently co-authored a forthcoming book titled ‘Hibernate in Action’ that will be published by Manning. He is also an active participant in the JDOexpert group.

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