Using Apache OJB (to Get Beer) – Object persistence from the client (Beer Truck Example) by Brian McCallister and Tom Risberg

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eXceed Education

ABSTRACT: Using Apache OJB (to Get Beer) – Object persistence from the client (Beer Truck Example)

How does it know what to do (Mapping)? What about transactions? How about caching? When, where, and how should I use OJB? Spring Framework – DAO and JDBC support – Problems using straight JDBC – How Spring’s JDBC support solves some of these problems – Overview of Spring Framework – Introduction to Dependency Injection with Spring – Spring’s JavaBean Configuration for JDBC DataSource – Beer Distributor Example — The Spring JDBCsolution – Object Relational Mapping integration support – Declarative Transaction Management (without EJB)

SPEAKER BIOS:  Brian McCalllister and Thomas Risberg

Brian McCallister presently works for the Fort Hill Company in Montchanin, DE, splitting his time between Java development and systems administration. He started using Java in 1995, but only escaped the C++ and Perl world professionally in the last four years (having thrown up his hands at it and gone into writing and teaching for a few years in the interim). He is a committer on the Apache OJB project and is presently working on implementing an OJB-native JDO interface therein.

Thomas Risberg currently works for TargetRx, Inc. in Horsham, PA as Manager of Database Development. He has been programming database applications for the last 25 years using a wide variety of languages and databases on mainframes and smaller systems. He has been a developer on the Spring Framework Project since February 2003, primarily contributing to enhance theJDBC functionality.

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