Coding Standards For Java by Bill Rushmore

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ABSTRACT:  Coding Standards For Java

Writing readable and consistent code is often an overlooked practice, but essential to creating a maintainable application. This presentation will explain the importance of following a coding standard and portray some existing Java coding standards. The open source ‘Coding Standards for Java’ from the New England Java Users Group will be discussed in detail. How to integrate standards into a project and tools that can help will also be discussed. Finally, open discussions on some specific standards and styles and examples of good, bad, and just plain ugly code.

SPEAKER BIO: Bill Rushmore

Bill Rushmore has been programming Java for a living since 1998. His Java experience covers everything from desktop and web applications to his current role as a J2EE architect. Along with being a promoter for clear and concise code, he is also a long time Java advocate. He founded and was the first president of the New England Java Users Group (NEJUG). The NEJUG is one of the largest Java Users Groups in the world and is also listed as one of the top 25 users groups by Sun. Bill holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Java Coding Standards PDF

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